Show off Your Best Smile
By Central New Jersey Prosthodontics
June 27, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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86 percent of Americans want to improve their physical attractiveness using cosmetic dentistry according to a recent AACD State of theTeeth Whitening Cosmetic Dentistry Industry survey. One of the most popular cosmetic treatments is professional whitening. Find out how a dentist at Central New Jersey Prosthodontics in East Brunswick, NJ, can help you show off your best smile with just one teeth whitening treatment.

Smile Discoloration
Tooth discoloration often happens so gradually over time that you barely see the change. It’s usually caused by eating certain foods with color that stains the tooth enamel, drinking enamel-eroding sodas or smoking. Many people don’t realize that their smile has yellowed or darkened significantly until they do the “tissue test”: placing a napkin near your teeth to see the difference in shades. Many believe that the ideal shade for a beautiful smile is the color of a white eggshell. 

Your Best Smile with Zoom!
A teeth whitening treatment at Central New Jersey Prosthodontics in East Brunswick is the fastest and most effective way to have your best smile possible. You can either choose to whiten your teeth yourself at home with a kit prescribed by your dentist or get Zoom Whitening in the office. A hydrogen peroxide-based gel is the key to eliminating the stains and discoloration.

Having Your Teeth Whitened Is Easy
Your East Brunswick dentist will take every step necessary to ensure that you have an easy and comfortable experience at your tooth whitening appointment. Expect the visit to last about 45 minutes to an hour. The dentist applies the whitening gel and uses light activation in three intervals until the desired shade is achieved. In the meanwhile, you’ll lay back in the dentist’s chair and simply wait until your dentist reveals your brighter smile.

Schedule a Whitening Treatment Today
If you can set aside about an hour in your upcoming schedule, you can get a better smile at Central New Jersey Prosthodontics in East Brunswick, NJ. Call (732) 254-2550 today to schedule a visit.


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